At present Unnamed Racing Game Bringing Best Down Racing to Commodore Amiga


Who remembers the days of Super Sprint, RC Pro Am, or Super Off Road? These have been the days, weren’t they? Single screen racing games have a particular charm about them. This unnamed racing game is a new entry in this style. Existing release date is “unknown” but Commodore Amiga fans, get prepared.

Labor of appreciate for a sport

No matter your preference in racing games you are almost certainly a die-challenging fan. That is all-natural and practically nothing to be ashamed of. For me, racing was fairly considerably restricted to video games. This is partially due to living in locations exactly where races have been merely not accessible.

The developers behind this unnamed racing game are clearly die-challenging fans of Formula 1 racing. I initially came to knowledge this version on the original PlayStation when I picked up a copy of Formula 1 by Psygnosis.

Interest to specifics

From grandstands to twisty tracks, there is a lot going on in this unnamed racing game currently. What is intriguing right here is, it is not completed its run via improvement.

In the video above you can see a couple of tracks that function distinctly diverse scenery. The tracks are entirely diverse as properly. Our close friends more than on Indie Retro News brought up similarities with Super Sprint and Super Off-Road and I will have to agree. It is good enterprise to have.

There is at present no animation in the backgrounds. This is one thing I am certain will be worked on in future updates. The animation of the vehicles is fluid and there are several frames depicting the a variety of views.

Anticipated release date

Correct now, there is no word on precisely when fans can anticipate to get their hands on this unnamed racing game. Naturally, a name will have to have to be decided upon prior to release.

Primarily based on the video, are you excited for this overhead racer?

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