Ashes of Creation Apocalypse just rolled out a a great deal smaller sized PvP map for testing


Ashes of Creation’s battle royale-cum-testing ground Apocalypse kicked out an update yesterday that, amongst other issues, presents a new location for players to slay 1 a further in: the wintry Forest of Erinthia map.

The Forest of Erinthia capabilities 11 points of interest for players to learn and lots of fairly issues to appear at like glowing crystal formations, ornate statues, and lots of snow (if 1 likes hunting at snow, anyway). The update also capabilities some gameplay enhancements such as removal of stamina drain and halted stamina recovery when jumping, numerous weapon capacity adjustments, and the addition of the Autumn Knight helmet for these who have it unlocked amongst other capabilities.

But maybe the most intriguing bit right here is that Forest of Erinthia is a a great deal smaller sized map in size, about 20% the size of the original map, so players estimate it is intended for only about 20 players at a time. Due to the fact it replaces the 100-man map that was reside at the begin of early access, it appears like the devs have decided, at least for now, to test the battle royale mode and combat on a smaller sized scale.


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