You can now play as 2B from NieR Automata in CODE VEIN, with complete skirt cloth physics


And… we all saw that coming. CODE VEIN is an anime-style action RPG and ‘Rathren’ released a new mod that permits you to play as 2B from NieR Automata. This mod comes with 3 outfits for 2B, and characteristics complete skirt cloth physics.

To be sincere, this feels like a fantastic game for 2B. Immediately after all, 2B appears like a character straight out of an anime or manga. So yeah, this in fact feels like a game have been it tends to make sense to have a character like her.

You can download the 3 outfits for 2B from right here. To set up them, you will have to spot the .pak file in the :/CodeVein/Content material/Paks/~mods folder. Then, you will have to use Female default character, otherwise you will have two heads.

In order to showcase this character swap mod, the modder has also released the following screenshots. Regrettably, there are some low resolution textures on 2B’s outfit. All round although, and regardless of this minor gripe, this mod seems to be functioning good. So, if you want to knowledge CODE VEIN with 2B, this is the mod for you. Do note, nonetheless, that this mod does not bring any of 2B’s weapons from NieR Automata.

Lastly, 2B fans can uncover related character swap mods for Resident Evil two Remake, Monster Hunter Planet, Dark Souls, Skyrim, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dark Souls three.

Have enjoyable!


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