Ubisoft Plans Animated Television Series Adaptations Of Numerous Franchises


Far Cry and Watch Dogs will get animated adaptations with far more in improvement.


Ubisoft is 1 of the most significant video game providers in the globe. They create some of the top rated and most constant promoting video games out there. It is no surprise then that they want to capitalize on that in other mediums, one thing they announced some rather ambitious plans about right now.

As announced by way of press release, Ubisoft will pursue animated Television series of various important franchises. Apparently, this comes immediately after important good results in France of an animated adaptation of the Rabbids. Interestingly, the adaptations revealed so far likely are not what you would anticipate. One particular is a cartoon primarily based on Watch Dogs, but is aimed at pre-teens that will see a young protagonist tackle cyber mysteries. Far Cry also is obtaining a show, 1 that is aimed at mature audiences, but it is truly primarily based on the far more comical Blood Dragon spin off. You can see notion art for each.

Much more shows are also stated to be in improvement, even though these two have been the only specifics offered, along with an original show known as Hungry Sharks. Whether or not or not these will be created for a worldwide audience or keep in the European area is not clear, but I can not lie, I want to see Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe in English.


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