Ubisoft is generating animated shows primarily based on Rayman, Watch Dogs, and extra


Ubisoft has unveiled plans to bring extra of its franchises to Television via a new run of animated shows primarily based on a handful of the studio’s games.

THR reports that Ubisoft is in the approach of making animated Television shows primarily based on Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Watch Dogs, Rayman, and the mobile game Hungry Shark, developing on a tv portfolio that currently involves various seasons of a series primarily based on its Rabbids franchise.

1 specially notable factor about this most up-to-date round of announcement is that, at least in the case of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft is utilizing the animated shows to chase a unique audience than the original video games targeted.

So when the Watch Dogs games are rated mature and for the 17+ crowd, the animated show aims to adapt the home to appeal to the tween demographic that roughly covers little ones aged 10 to 13.

The Blood Dragon spin-off, Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe, is meanwhile getting developed in partnership with the producer of Netflix’s Castlevania show, Adi Shankar, and going just after a young-adult audience.

“Every show has a unique target that it is aiming at and a unique format,” Helene Juguet, Ubisoft Film &amp Tv managing director, tells THR. Juguet goes on to clarify that a single of the objectives for Ubisoft’s in-residence animation incubator is to “translate the essence of video games[…]into an revolutionary visual and engaging storytelling in animation.”

These new animation plans also include things like a new Rabbids specific, a comedy-adventure primarily based on the Rayman franchise, and what THR describes as an animated sketch comedy about video game culture.


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