Scandimania – The Ideal Scandinavian Games


We adore our mates from the much more Scandinavian nations, you could even say we have Scandimania. Which is excellent as we’re presently operating a promotion showcasing the absolute finest games produced in these nations, with costs reduce so low you will consider Beowulf is swinging the value-slashing sword.

With so considerably on offer you you could want a tiny support locating the cream of the crop. So sit back, get oneself a warm drink, soak up your hygge-decorated space, and verify out what we’ve got for you.

Hitman 2016 was a masterclass in returning to the roots of the genre, and Hitman two improves on the formula in each and every way. Every single level is a Mousetrap-style cavalcade of death and chance, which means you can commit hours setting up the excellent kill, or ‘accident’. 

Limbo was a brilliant and utterly spooky game with a monochromatic art style, the comply with- up – Inside – is each considerably much more heartwarming, and considerably much more terrifying. With evil scientists chasing your lone youngster protagonist by means of a mad science-filled universe, it is chilling and gripping stuff.

The globe is broken, but it is ok mainly because life nevertheless exists, albeit in a mutated type. Take handle of a group of mutants, such as our favourite – Dux, in a post-human adventure with wealthy tactical combat and numerous gameplay choices which means two missions are under no circumstances the very same.

April Ryan is getting a challenging time of items, she keeps getting these weird dreams that get in the way of her life. Perhaps, just perhaps, they’re much more than dreams. With a dimension-spanning story that frankly has but to be beaten, The Longest Journey demands to be component of any adventure game fans’ library.

Everybody loves the Skaven, these chittering hordes from Games Workshop’s Warhammer setting. Warhammer: Vermintide two does not just give you the Skaven from the original game, Nurgle’s blessed diseased troops are also prepared for you to swing an axe, blade, or fling fire at in this co-op survive-a-thon. Bring a buddy, bring 3 mates. You will want them.

Set in the 90s, Kathy Rain stars a college student who’s investigating the death of her grandfather, or rather, the mysteries surrounding his life and the illness that kept him in a wheelchair, mute, for decades. Kathy Rain is an adventure game with heart, a cracking plot, and puzzles that’ll have you scratching your head for hours.

Everybody loves space, properly, practically everybody. So head to space in Stellaris and construct your perfect society there, perhaps a race of alien warlords, perhaps you will be a peace looking for Federation. It is all up to you, space 4X games have under no circumstances been so total.

The Cities series has been going from strength to strength, but under no circumstances much better than in Cities: Skylines. It completely embodies the dream that the older Sim City games started to discover and lets you construct shining metropolises, or crime filled slums, if you want. With a tonne of DLC and complete mod assistance, it could just be a permanent set up.

Now you should really have all the information and facts you want to go and verify out our Scandimania sale with deadly laser focused precision. What’s your favourite game created in Scandinavia? Let us know in the comments beneath, or more than on our neighborhood forum.


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