Riot Games accuses Riot Squad of copyright infringement, files trademark lawsuit


Riot Games has filed a lawsuit against the esports organisation Riot Squad for trademark infringement more than the identical word in its name (through

On Monday, the lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, stating that Riot Squad had consciously selected the word ‘Riot’ so that it would look to belong to the League of Legends developer. Riot Games does not like how the word ‘Riot’ is written and developed on Riot Squad merchandise, and deemed the option to have ‘caused and, unless restrained by [a] Court, will continue to bring about Riot [Games] to endure terrific and irreparable harm and injury.’

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that the esports group has ‘unfairly and unlawfully adopted and exploited the Riot brand name in connection with its advertising and marketing, marketing, and promotion of a nascent esports organisation.’ Riot Squad was formed earlier this year and calls itself a ‘character 1st, talent second led organization’ driven ‘by gamers, for gamers.’ Riot Games finds this problematic, as well. 

Not only are the two providers jostling for the similar space in the similar market, but the developer stated that ‘Riot Squad’s apparent mission statement — to develop an esports organisation “by gamers, for gamers” — mirrors the guiding principle on which Riot [Games] was founded additional than a decade ago, and with which it continues to be identified to this day.’

In response, Riot Games has requested compensatory and punitive damages, and that the esports organisation indemnifies all earnings received from the use of the name, pays the fees of the lawsuit, and removes ‘all components that bear the infringing marks.’


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