Retro evaluation: Planet of Goo


Planet of Goo is not your frequent videogame. Alternatively of possessing some overpowered bosses and enemies, you have goo. Alternatively of complex controls and gimmicks, you have goo. And alternatively of possessing a very good story, effectively, I believe you see exactly where I’m going with this. But they do give you a very good story.

It might look like a weird thought at 1st, but back in the day Planet of Goo was incredibly well known. And it was even nominated for various awards, which includes an Innovation Design and style award at the Independent Games Festival.

These are various occasions, although. Games have evolved and they’re additional complex now, even on mobile. So a very simple game about Goo is nevertheless entertaining? Let’s come across out in today’s retro evaluation.

Planet of Goo – Produced for you, possibly

Planet of Goo is a puzzle game created by an indie studio named 2D Boy. As talked about just before, the game is all about the goo. Your key objective is to use a bunch of balls of goo that you have at your disposal to attain a purpose, which in this case is a pipe positioned someplace in the level.

To attain the pipe you have to have to use your balls of goo to generate infrastructures sturdy adequate to carry the remaining balls to the purpose. You can use as quite a few balls of goo as you like, but hold in thoughts that the game asks you for a particular quantity of goo to finish a level.

This is exactly where it becomes a puzzle game. Not only you have to have to use your restricted goo wisely, but you also have to be conscious of your greatest enemy however: gravity. Gravity plays a massive roll in this game and you have to have to play about it if you want your structure to operate. Sort of like an architect.

The game does have a story for you to unravel, which you will see by way of animations and with the assist of the sign painter, your spiritual and literal guide by way of your adventure. The story is exciting and it is one particular of the items that’ll hold you playing this game.

The knowledge

Planet of Goo is a definitely exciting point to knowledge. The graphics, even though not the most effective, hold its original style intact to this day, in my opinion. The exact same goes for its sound. They are okay, and they are entertaining, which is Planet of Goo’s key goal. Not to give you a crazy, life-altering knowledge, but to entertain you and assist you kill time on your iPhone. What I’m attempting to say is that they hold it very simple, and I like it. But I comprehend this style may well not be for everybody.

A single point that I didn’t like is the animations. They’re very good if you are playing a level for the 1st time. But the game does not let you skip them, so if you want to go rapidly to the subsequent level you cannot. You will have to wait.

One thing else that is very simple is the game’s gameplay. Though very simple, the game does not inform you significantly about how to play it, other than the sign painter, of course. You understand as you go, and you will understand quite rapidly. You will make blunders and you will have some Aha! moments every single after in a even though.

Competitive mode

If you believed a bunch of balls produced out of goo couldn’t be competitive, you have been incorrect my buddy. 2D Boy managed to give us an entertaining game mode that performs effectively for each competitive people today and completionists. In addition to the five key stages in the game, you can play the Planet of Goo Corporation game mode.

This is a game mode exactly where you have to make the highest structure you can with the assist of the goo balls you have collected in all the levels you have played. You can evaluate your tower’s height with other folks and compete with players from all more than the globe.


I comprehend that Planet of Goo may well not be for everybody. The game hasn’t aged completely, but due to the fact it is a very simple game in its mechanics and aesthetics, it is nevertheless a good way to kill time. Combine that with an on the internet mode and a very good story that is you really feel the have to have to resolve, and you have a great retro game for you to play this weekend. You can and need to obtain Planet of Goo for $four.99 on the App Shop.


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