Questioning which game to play (Final Fantasy VI vs Golden Sun vs Chrono Trigger) : retrogaming


You unknowingly had them in my suggested play order.

Final Fantasy VI – Incredibly very good game with lots of factors performed suitable. At some point you will have to grind levels and that will be tough to deal with if you play Chrono Trigger initial.

Golden Sun – This is my individual feeling but I like to break up console gameplay with mobile style games. Gameboy Advance in distinct holds up but the grid style layouts in some games remind me that it had design and style constraints and that tends to make it really feel enjoyably quaint to me.

Chrono Trigger – This is it. When you play this game all related style games may possibly unknowingly be judged by you. The graphics, the music, the story. Its the only game that created me track down the complete OST which once more, individual preference.

I grew up with these games and I nonetheless play them just about every handful of years for the nostalgia.

Hope you delight in the ride.


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