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Quest for Conquest is coming to Steam this month!
It is a 2D-caravan management game for Computer, exactly where you play as the leader of a ragtag caravan. Travel about a fantasy land exactly where four various cultures have merged, but not normally peacefully. Disarray is spreading by way of the land, and the ruler is performing nothing at all about it, so possibly it is time to replace them.

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Raise your sword

  • …and promptly place it back down, just after you recognize that you are not considerably of a warrior. Probably the part of a leader will suit you improved.

Collect your troops

  • Recruit characters from four various races, and turn your ragtag group into a formidable army.

Travel across the land

  • Discover a kingdom, exactly where the ideologies and cultures of four various races have merged.

Learn events &amp encounters

  • Throughout your quest, you will come across various kinds of events and encounters that need you to make options. Poor choices could promptly lead to your downfall, so opt for wisely.

Handle your caravan

  • Use sources to upgrade and expand your humble tiny caravan, and turn it into a force to be reckoned with. You want to be prepared for battles at all instances, so maintaining your troops nicely-fed is also a have to. No one desires to go to war on an empty stomach.

Lead your forces to battle

  • Just try to remember your part, and leave the fighting to the genuine warriors. Just after all, you want to keep alive if you want to see your quest to the finish.


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