Pokémon Masters Producer Apologises For Disappointing Players


Pokemon Masters

Due to the fact very first releasing at the finish of August, Pokémon Masters has had a quite thriving time – in terms of downloads and income, at least. The game enjoyed the strongest launch month for any mobile Pokémon game given that Pokémon GO and players spent $26 million on the app in its very first week alone, but points are not all as cheery as they could look.

Some players have been left unhappy with the general encounter, with bugs, a lack of content material, and unpopular style choices all becoming listed as typical difficulties for fans. The game’s producer, Yu Sasaki, has shared a lengthy weblog post on the game’s web page to address these issues and to present an apology.

“We’re disappointed we did not meet the expectations of our neighborhood, and for this, we sincerely apologize”, it reads. “It is our intention that this does not take place once more. Hearing these opinions from fellow Trainers has deepened our sense of commitment to provide a game we can all be proud of. We are incredibly appreciative of all the feedback – each important and good”.

Sasaki goes on to clarify that the purpose is to “make an encounter like the fans witnessed in that very first animated trailer”, and lists a quantity of locations which the improvement group program to perform on. The present locations of concentrate are the game’s lack of content material, lack of attractive rewards, difficulty/style, and poor usability, and although some of these will take time to address, players can anticipate to get extra story events and a revised reward method in the close to future.

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