Nova Drift Preview – An Updated Asteroids Homage (Early Access)


As quickly as I began playing Nova Drift by Chimeric, I got heavy Asteroids vibes.

There’s the arcade-influenced gameplay that is all about shooting all the things and something that approaches you. When you attain the finish of the screen you will enter the opposite side. Some objects you shoot in this game break off into smaller sized, tougher-to-shoot projectiles. You have a single life, and when you die your higher score is recorded. It is pretty much as if Asteroids was the principal blueprint for this game, but a blueprint which the developers wonderfully expanded upon.

Asteroids Expanded

The game is deeper than it seems. In contrast to a lot of older top rated-down shooters, you have an practical experience-primarily based level-up method exactly where you get to opt for upgrades for your ship a recharging power bar utilised for a short-term speed enhance and a life bar that permits you to be hit far more than after. Theses systems make for a far more fleshed-out practical experience. And even that depends on regardless of whether you determine which, of the a lot of exclusive, weapon kinds you opt for.

There is a lot of area for experimentation, thanks to the varied quantity of weapons and upgrades, weapons that have their personal strengths and weaknesses. At initial, I preferred a weapon that was akin to a slow but hugely lethal rifle. It was effective, taking out enemy ships really very easily.

But I identified myself surrounded far also typically, so the subsequent likelihood I got, I switched to a weapon that shoots a bunch of searching for rockets. These dealt out much less harm but had been pretty helpful in taking out clusters of enemies. There is a good range of weapons, which can make subsequent play-throughs really feel vastly various from a single a different.

One more core element to this game’s combat is its upgrades. Each and every time I leveled up, I was in a position to opt for a passive upgrade that had accompanying stats attached to it. For instance, a defensive upgrade may perhaps add 25% shield armor whilst subtracting 10% weapon harm. Like the weapons in the game, upgrades may perhaps combine constructive and potentially damaging status effects. These upgrades are a different instance of how the game permits for customization that can transform gameplay.

Range Spices up Simplicity

Due to the fact this game is arcade-focused, receiving a higher score will rely on how nicely you play and regardless of whether the upgrades and weapons you opt for are utilized effectively. It is a good way to add some complexity to an arcade-style score primarily based game with out sacrificing the common really feel of playing a single.

Controlling the ship is not what a single would anticipate from modern day top rated-down shooters. At initial, I was shocked that the game did not handle like a twin-stick shooter. As an alternative, the game had far more of a tank handle strategy, exactly where the left amongst stick controlled my movement and my aiming path. I have to admit it felt awkward at initial.

I really feel like twin-stick shooter controls identified in games like Geometry Wars are far more satisfying. But I ultimately got utilised to the single-stick controls and identified them to be responsive adequate to not get in the way of my enjoyment.

There are many enemy kinds in the game, every with their exclusive attack patterns and style: snake-like enemies, some that are shielded, some that are pretty rapidly. The good plethora of enemies to shoot tends to make the moment-to-moment gameplay seriously engaging.

Neon and Synthesizers (of Course)

From a visual standpoint, Nova Drift requires eight-bit era inspiration with mixed benefits. The game favors brightly colored enemies that stand out from the dark ominous space backgrounds. Projectiles and enemies pop out and are very easily discernible.

This aesthetic style decision tends to make sense from a gameplay standpoint, but it does appear a small bland. It is familiar when compared to other modern day top rated-down shooters, which does not give it a exclusive visual really feel. This may perhaps be a nitpick, but I want the game was far more visually striking and didn’t appear so comparable to other games in its genre.

Music and audio style in this game is quite excellent across the board. It is this good ambient electronic music that is just loud adequate to set moods but appropriately soft so that it does not develop into a distraction.

Sound effects are also muted in a way so that they match with the ominous quiet sound a single would anticipate when they are up beside the stars. One more good added touch is the way in which these sound effects sound pretty much eight-bit to additional drive household the developer’s arcade era influences.

Nova Drift is a excellent Asteroids-inspired shooter with adequate modern day components to preserve you hooked. It is a exciting arcade-style game that hearkens back to a time when gameplay was all the things. I’d advise it if you are hunting for an updated twist on a familiar genre.

Nova Drift is offered in Early Access by means of Steam.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Verify out the Early Access trailer for Nova Drift beneath:


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