Legend of Keepers Receives a two-hour Demo


Currently, Goblinz Studio has announced that they have released a demo for their roguelike title, Legend of Keepers: Profession of a Dungeon Master (say that 3 occasions quickly). The ‘Prologue’ will final around two hours.

Legend of Keepers will have players join a “Dungeons Firm” and climb the firm ladder although attempting to cease heroes and safeguard the treasures of their firm. To safeguard the firm, players will employ monsters and handle staff although setting their traps. Events like staff going on strike are points that players need to usually be conscious of. The demo will introduce the mechanics, lore creating, and general game method for these interested in the title. 

Players will be a CEO and play the game like a reverse Darkest Dungeon. On the other hand, as an alternative of conquering dank dungeons, you will as an alternative be defending them from heroes. As the player becomes additional comfy and the weeks start to pass them by, there will be distinct tasks for them to comprehensive in order to boost their defenses. When the heroes come, they will be capable to manage their ‘workforce’ in either kill them or scare them to death.

Basically, players will handle their company by hiring and education staff and buying and upgrading their traps. These traps will be employed (along with monsters) to counter the enemies that show up to ruin each your day and your firm. Players will have to be tactical, cautiously selecting which foe they want to strike initial, as properly if they ought to debuff them or buff their personal workers. After the battle is won, players will then have to go back to managing their firm, waiting for the heroes to strike once again. At some point, wile players will drop, they will also be able to see how properly they did on a international leaderboard, which is fairly cool.

What do you consider of this announcement? Are you going to set up the demo? Let us know in the comments!


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