Indie Retro News: Rygar AGA


On the 23rd of December 2018, we shocked the neighborhood with an announcement that Tecmo’s 1986 Arcade game of ‘ Rygar the Legendary Warrior ‘, was unofficially coming to the Amiga soon after getting been released on numerous unique systems such as the C64 and ZX Spectrum. Properly quickly forward to these days and there is been some remarkable news for the Amiga neighborhood, as thanks to a heads up by means of our e-mail, Seismic Minds has ultimately released the Rygar AGA Amiga conversion!

When we 1st showed this upcoming game for the Amiga by Mcgeezer the identical creator behind the most exceptional Bomb Jack Beer Edition. It was merely a lengthy scrolling project as numerous capabilities and graphics have been not but implemented. Fortunately that is now a distant memory! As thanks to a group of persons such as McGeezer, DJ Metune, ROSS, PHX, INVENT, DLFRSILVER and DamienD, you can now play the complete version comprehensive with fabulous graphics, smooth frame prices, lots of enemies, energy ups and other cool bits I will not mention as not to spoil this good conversion!

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1) Download
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