Indie Retro News: Bruce Lee RX


We’ve surely featured the 1984 game of Bruce Lee extra than a couple of instances now, in particular with games such as Eel Ecurb for the Atari XL/XE and Bruce Lee – Return of Fury released on the C64. But now we appear towards anything amazing for our retro kicks, as Allan Turvey‎ has announced that Bruce Lee RX is not only completely playable, but as a treat it will be out there this weekend for you guys to attempt out exclusively at Play Expo Blackpool!

So what is Bruce Lee RX you may possibly ask? Nicely thanks to Allan Turvey, Peter Smith and Jim Bagley, it appears as if this upcoming Bruce Lee knowledge, is not only a graphical overhaul with inclusive sprite alterations, background and an enhanced level detail alter, but there may possibly be other alterations that have however to be announced which all be revealed this upcoming weekend! – So yes preserve altering this short article since as quickly as the game is out there for download, we will update and post the download hyperlink beneath.


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