How The “Day of Dragons” Harry Potter Occasion Accidentally Funded an Indie Game


How would you react if Harry Potter accidentally supplied you with half a million dollars in funding? As silly as it sounds, specifically this has occurred to a modest indie studio.

A Kickstarter campaign for Day of Dragons, a dragon-primarily based open-globe survival game, received a enormous wave of backers following Harry Potter Wizard Unite accidentally announced an in-game occasion of the similar name. The story was shared by Thomas Bidaux, CEO of a video game consultancy and PR firm.

“Accidental marketing and advertising of the year. Game known as Day of Dragons launched their Kickstarter campaign to raise $12,000 on the 2nd of September. 1st two days, it raised $1,300. Absolutely nothing crazy, but decent.

September 7th, Harry Potter Wizards unites launches the Day of Dragons occasion. The KS campaign by means of Search engine optimisation is the very first outcome on Google… and raises $13k that day alone.

As the campaign goes, and the Harry Potter connected targeted traffic explodes, the project maintain rising the quantity raised… To finish up just north of $500,000. Not poor for a video game campaign with out a video. “

This is an remarkable instance of a symbiotic connection. Day of Dragons has been backer funded with far far more dollars than they’d have gotten on their personal, and individuals who are not familiar are hearing about the Wizards Unite occasion. There are only winners right here.

In Day of Dragons, the game, the player controls their extremely personal dragon character in the open fields and forests. They can forage, fly, fight, subsequent, and turn into a legendary elder dragon.

The Harry Potter occasion, which has now ended, let players obtain and gather dragons for their properties and dormitories. The Kickstarter campaign for the indie game has also concluded, but you can keep up to date about improvement from their Kickstarter Web page.


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