Games That Haunt Me: Mega Man eight


I’ve been playing video games for a excellent extended although, but there are some games that, to this quite day, haunt me.  Not since the game is poor per se, or since anything occurred to stated game that created it unplayable.  No, I’m speaking about games that, for the life of me, I could by no means beat or nevertheless haven’t beaten.  I’m quite positive I’m not the only gamer who has this difficulty either, and because it is October I’ll be writing a series of articles primarily based on games that I nevertheless haven’t beaten, took me more than two decades to beat, why I haven’t beaten them, and if I ever will.  So lets begin this with a single game that is close to and dear to my heart, and nevertheless haunts me to this quite day.

Mega Man eight for the PlayStation.  If memory serves this is the initially Mega Man game I’ve ever played and my entry point into the series.  I knew who Mega Man was thanks to the old cartoon series but didn’t dive completely into the games till significantly later.  Now eight may well get some flak in the neighborhood for the poor voice acting (yes it genuinely is THAT terrible) but it is nevertheless a strong Mega Man game.  All eight robot masters may well not be out there to fight suitable at the get go but its nevertheless a exciting game, even if Clown Man haunts players nightmares.  Now the component that seriously gets me, even when I initially played it, was the snowboarding component from Frost Man’s stage.  Now immediately after a couple of instances memorizing the stage, receiving via it to fight Frost Man is not the worst factor in the planet, its the snowboarding component thats in the starting of Wily’s castle at the finish of the game.

This is the component that haunts me, and has haunted me ever because I initially played the game.  For the life of me, I could by no means get previous the snowboarding component.  Now for these who have by no means played the game, although on the snowboard there’s a higher pitched voice that will prompt you to either jump or slide, and of course the commands get faster the additional into the level you get.  However with the final jump you have to jump, then slide, then jump once again all in a single pixel great jump.  I have attempted so quite a few instances to get that jump suitable and no matter how quite a few instances I attempt I could not get it.  I have generally either created the jump way also early and missed the final edge to get to the finish of the level, or hit the jump button way also late and immediately fell to my death.  I’m honestly shocked how I haven’t destroyed my PlayStation controller.

That dang jump has haunted me for more than 15 plus years, and every single time I get there, I attempt it for a although, then place down the controller out of sheer aggravation and play anything else for a although to let out some steam.  Will I ever go back to Mega Man eight to beat that accursed jump?  Of course I will.  Even even though the game does not seriously add to the Mega Man formula, it is a exciting game and the initially correct Mega Man game I’ve ever owned.  It’s just that A single component that gets me every single time.

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