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Manipulate time – remove your enemies!


PQube (London, UK) – October 11th, 2019 – PQube and developer Corecell Technologies are excited to release AeternoBlade II for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation four right now – the Xbox 1 version will stick to on Friday, October 18th. By letting players manipulate time itself in numerous diverse methods, the action puzzle-platformer puts an one of a kind spin on its genre and wraps it all in a potent story of fervour and fraternity.

&#x23f3 The ideal of the previous …


The level design and style of AeternoBlade II combines clear and linear segments with a touch of Metroidvania, hiding optional paths with products and unlockable skills for returning heroine Freyja and her new allies.

Likewise, the game’s story is a classic tale of warring powers in the universe, fighting more than the manage of the most potent artifact in the universe. Although there is no require to have played the prequel to get sucked into the story of AeternoBlade II, the developers hid really a couple of nudges to returning AeternoBlade wielders!

… enhanced with the pleasant of the present …


Nevertheless, AeternoBlade II combines time-verified attributes with modern day top quality of life components. Frequent save points make for a fluid playthrough with modern day combat design and style in a dynamic mix of two.5D and 3D environments. If that wasn’t adequate, two newcomers and their one of a kind weapons are joining Freyja as playable characters, catering to diverse play designs: Felix and Bernard!

… and completed with suggestions from the future! &#x23f3


The inventive take on puzzle-platforming in AeternoBlade II adds totally new layers to the possibilities players are utilised to! Freezing, slowing, accelerating, rewinding time and the comination of them all will challenge your creativity.

Believe outdoors the clocks and turn into a master of time in AeternoBlade II on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation four and Xbox 1!






About Corecell Technologies

Corecell Technologies Co.,ltd is a game organization base in Bangkok, Thailand with 17 years encounter of generating games on all console platforms and mobile with numerous international game firms planet-wide.


About PQube

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