Fortnite teases a clean slate with leaks for Fortnite: Chapter two


Fortnite‘s had a very good run. Given that an admittedly awkward 2017 launch, it is turn out to be this cultural behemoth, entirely unparseable but unstoppably well known. But it is acquired some bloat more than these two years – Map areas have vanished, reappeared and warped in and out. Weapons and gimmicks have floated in and out of an interdimensional vault, a vault intimately tied to the battle royale’s ongoing plot.

That is a lot of baggage for a game exactly where 100 colourful weirdos parachute onto an island and murder every other. Possibly it is time to wipe the slate clean. If current leaks are to be believed, that may perhaps be just what Fortnite’s about to get.

Artwork for Fortnite: Capitolo two – Chapter two, for us poor monolinguists – look to have leaked more than on the Italian iOS App Retailer, Fortnite Insider found earlier nowadays. Tellingly, the artwork also is not readily recognisable as anyplace in Fortnite’s current map. Yes, it is nevertheless green and complete of trees, but they’re unique trees. Plus, there are boats! Complete new appear.

If correct, this leak would help a quantity of leaked map place names found about the time we reported Season 10’s delayed ending. With 12 new regions identified in text files, fans reckoned Fortnite could be a due a soft reboot.

I’m personally not familiar sufficient with Fortnite’s murder island to know for certain, even though. At such a low resolution, it could just be an additional angle on the current map, wiped clean of all the detritus it is acquired more than the final two years. New map or not, even though, it sounds like Chapter two could fairly simply be a soft reboot for the battle royale. Appear at that screen – there’s not a Batman or time-rift or…

The finish of Season 10 is coming at 7pm on Sunday, presumably with an additional reside in-game occasion. If Fornite does bring Chapter 1 to a close right here, the game could be a entirely unique beast this time subsequent week. Possibly, just perhaps, they’ll even ditch the confusing early access label.

It is been two years, Epic. Nobody’s purchasing it.


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