Final Fantasy Scenarist Kazushige Nojima Shares Thoughts On a Probable New FFVIII Game


Kazushige Nojima revealed the Laguna components have been initially half of Final Fantasy VIII, wishes to make a new game focusing on Laguna.

This week’s Famitsu magazine integrated a extended function on Final Fantasy VIII, celebrating its 20th anniversary. The function integrated a extended interview with Kazushige Nojima, who worked as a scenarist on several Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games. He’s also a single of the scenarists on Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

All through the interview, Kazushige Nojima spoke on several elements of Final Fantasy VIII, and most notably the Laguna components. He revealed these have been supposed to be a lot longer:

Kazushige Nojima: At 1st, Laguna’s components have been a lot larger. They have been generating about half of Final Fantasy VIII. But as improvement went on, they got shorter and shorter. The employees worked definitely challenging to make a map for Laguna’s components as well, but in the finish it is barely utilized in the final game. I often felt undesirable about that and couldn’t apologize adequate to the employees.

Close to the finish of the interview, Kazushige Nojima was most notably asked what sort of story would be depicted in a attainable new Final Fantasy VIII connected game. Here’s Nojima’s answer:

Kazushige Nojima: It would concentrate on Laguna’s life. I want to show far more of his story.
Famitsu: It is correct Laguna’s story components are definitely well-known.
Kazushige Nojima: But perhaps the segments are so well-known due to the fact they’re so short… But yes, this game would be about displaying Laguna’s undesirable points. And then at the really finish, it would show his cool side. But for it to perform effectively, he’d definitely have to have to be depicted as a clown for most of the game.

This is only a single of the several points Nojima spoke about in the interview. The interview has several other intriguing tidbits, so keep tuned as we’ll publish a complete summary quickly. Meanwhile, if you are preparing on discovering Final Fantasy VIII with the remaster, you can verify out our guide for some beginning suggestions.

Each the Final Fantasy VII remaster and the Final Fantasy VIII remaster are receiving a physical release on Switch as a single package.


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