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Niffelheil is an Action-adventure Part Playing game from Ellada games. With the Switch adding new games pretty much day-to-day is this one particular worth your time?

You play as a Viking who was on his way to Valhalla and his soul was stolen away to Niffelheim. Now you are attempting to fight your way back by constructing a portal to Valhalla filling requests from these who have stolen your soul away.

  At the starting of the game, you will decide on amongst 4 diverse characters every single with their personal set of stats and character advantages. You will then decide on which land you will play from as nicely as one particular of 4 banners that represent your Viking affiliation. No matter your beginning point the maps have a tendency to appear quite substantially the similar with sources and enemies scattered all through every single. The map will have your Fortress, enemies, trees animals, and other sources as nicely as dungeons. 

The outdoors of your fortress can be upgraded to hold sources such as meals and animals. Alongside constructing sources, you can also develop defenses. Inside there is a sawmill, kitchen and a spot for alchemy. All of which can be upgraded. The a lot more you upgrade the much better excellent of things and sources you can craft.


Though sources develop back ultimately I often identified myself operating low on what I required. A different concern I had was attempting to discover a balance amongst my inventory and sources I identified. As it seemed I was often holding as well substantially. 

As I had discovered from blunders, I attempted restarting many occasions to attempt to much better balance sources, but it began to really feel stale. A bit a lot more area for recovery although mastering would have been welcome. Even a much better tutorial of how to play could have helped. As the tutorial was identified inside the pause menu and only provided the bare fundamentals. 


I wanted to love the game but it seemed that my character was often low on stamina or hungry. By the time I had the sources to resolve the circumstance it would barely have sufficient overall health or stamina to make it back to cook the meals I required. I am prepared to admit possibly there was some thing I was missing, but if there was it wasn’t some thing as well clear. If it have been not for the strong story, slight curiosity, and overwhelming want to love the game, I would not have continued to come back. 

Playing ran smooth and looked excellent, in each handheld as nicely as docked. I never ever had any framerate drops. The music and sound effects felt ideal in the game. 


Niffelheim had lots of excellent factors going for it, without the need of area for blunders it type of killed the flow of the game. With lots of other excellent crafting action-adventure RPG games on the Switch, Niffelheim just failed to hold my consideration. If you are hunting for a crafting game with a huge mastering curve and have time to study it then Niffelheim could possibly be for you.


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