‘Devil’s Hunt’ Punches Angels & Demons in the Face


Layopi Games’ Devil’s Hunt is a strange creature – neither fairly completely convincing as a character action game nor as guilty b-film pleasure. And however, I had my entertaining.

Desmond is a wealthy dude who drives a rapidly car or truck, has daddy challenges, and spends way also significantly time operating out. Right after losing a brawl and walking in on his girlfriend and his greatest buddy, he kills himself. I’m not certain if that is an sufficient reaction, but nicely, right here we are. In any case, he’s dead now, except… he is not?

He ends up in hell, strikes a deal with the devil (good guy, wears a suit), and gets sent back to the mortal realm. There he spends his time sulking, plotting his revenge on every person who wronged him, and collecting souls for his new boss.

It gets extra convoluted from right here. Angels, prophecies, a supervisor who’s referred to as The Saw (not incredibly good, fairly robust), and other supernatural occurrences come about in the subsequent eight hours or so. Devil’s Hunt spends a lot of time telling its story. Sadly, the game just does not have that significantly to say. It is a jumbled hodgepodge of Judeo-Christian mythology in a modern day-day suit.

It does not assist that Desmond is a fairly unlikeable major character with some lame 1-liners and small actual character. As selected ones go, he’s a fairly bland 1. The supporting cast is not any greater, and when the game requires itself critical, the writing, with its gruff machismo, is involuntarily funny. What ever the writers have been going for right here – they missed their target by a extended shot.

So, if the story is not the greatest, certainly the fights should be great, appropriate? Effectively, not actually. It is a relatively simple affair. Light and heavy punches, dodges and blocks, and a dozen of unlockable particular abilities offer you various methods to clobber your way by way of the game.

Nevertheless, compared to other games in this genre, fights really feel extra like a tavern brawl than an intricate ballet of violence. The lack of a lock-on function has you punching empty space way also generally, and the entire point can really feel fairly clunky at occasions.

Boss fights are similarly unsatisfying and demand small extra than perseverance and simple dodging abilities. And after you unlock the healing talent, the game becomes a cakewalk – at least on the normal difficulty. Devil May well Cry this is not, regardless of the related name and genre.

And however! The point about b-motion pictures is that they do not have to be excellent to be entertaining. Similarly, a “six out of ten” game has its personal imperfect charms. And in spite of Devil’s Hunt’s weak story, lame characters, and lackluster combat, it didn’t fail to entertain me for a handful of hours.

It is no extra than an all-about typical game that punches way above its weight, but often it manages to surprise you with some actually cool environments or a “so poor it is good” piece of dialogue that tends to make you chuckle. This may well not be what the developers have been aiming for, but eventually, that is what you get.

Devil’s Hunt is readily available now on The Humble Retailer, GOG, and Steam.


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