Destiny two reduces heavy ammo spawns in PVP, Iron Banner coming subsequent week


October 15 via October 22

Bungie’s formula of providing and taking away is in complete swing this week, as Destiny two‘s most current update has been revealed.

The key alteration entails the Crucible (PVP) and a “server-side adjust” that lowered heavy ammo spawn prices earlier this week, which they addressed in detail in this week’s post: “Experimentation with the 3v3 Elimination game mode is ongoing in the Crucible Labs. The initially settings we deployed saw heavy ammo spawning 90 seconds into each and every round. Revive tokens have been also enabled. There was a bug causing heavy ammo to spawn in instantaneously, but we have been capable to get that fixed with a server adjust. This week, these settings have been slightly adjusted. Alternatively of getting revive tokens, players can revive as quite a few instances as they are able—but the revive timer grows longer every time a player goes down.”

Iron Banner, the premiere PVP occasion, is also coming back and will run from 10AM PT on October 15 via 10AM PT October 22. You can snag the “Iron Will” armor set via numerous hours of grinding if you want, but the way rewards function is altering. Bungie is calling for a new seasonal pursuit, which you require to finish prior to tokens can be turned in. It is character-primarily based and will reward armor or weapons along the way, but only matches and bounties will reward gear till you finish the pursuit.

That is it! Practically nothing also thrilling this week, but the existing Season of the Undying cycle will continue to evolve.

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