Day of the Girl: The 10 Greatest Female Characters in Games


The 11th of October marks the internationally recognised Day of the Girl, and as aspect of that various video games providers have teamed up with the charity War Kid to assistance raise revenue to assistance help young people today impacted by conflict. You can get far more data on the War Kid web site.

As it is the Day of the Girl, we believed it would be the ideal time to appear at ten of the ideal female characters to ever grace the video gaming globe. 

Armed with small other than her fists and a devastating kick, Tifa Lockhart can hold the line at the front of battle with ease. Not only that, her care and tact about protagonist Cloud’s confused recollections is stunning and caring.

With 1 of the ideal private arcs ever observed in video games, April Ryan goes from struggling art student to dimension-hopping prospective saviour of reality, but as the masterpiece The Longest Journey shows, absolutely nothing is ever that straightforward.

eight – Kate Archer – No-A single Lives Forever Series

Kate Archer lives in a sexist-trope filled universe and she’s effectively conscious of it, as 1 of the most conscious protagonists in any game she supplements that with a sideline in spying and kicking enemy arse.

Going from wide-eyed teenager in the original to president of the nascent New California Republic in the sequel, Tandi under no circumstances lets adversity, or the apocalypse, get in her way. An inspiration to every person.

six – Commander Shepard – Mass Impact Series

Commander Shepard is the space-faring alien-punching hero we all want to secretly be, and in spite of there becoming a gender selection selection, femShep is everyone’s canon, correct?

five – Sylvanas – WarCraft Series

She may well have a bit of a troubled previous and er, effectively, present, and possibly future, but Sylvanas overcame death itself to rise once more and lead the Horde (and the Alliance, I suppose) to victory more than the intergalactic threat of the Burning Legion. You have to give her props for that.

four – Piper Wright – Fallout four

Caring deeply about people today and the truth, Piper is the heart of Fallout four. She runs a paper, appears just after her small sister, and nonetheless finds time to go hunting feral ghouls with you. 

three – Bayonetta – Bayonetta Series

Bayonetta is in handle. Of her image, of her actions, and of the bullets and kicks she sends shooting off in combat. Her games are extremely more than the prime, but Bayonetta herself is generally in a commanding position.

She may well have required a small assistance in the very first game, but Emily Kaldwin in the sequel completely embraces not only her energy but her potential to opt for life and death more than the minions and mooks she comes across. She’s an Empress you could truly vote for, if empires worked that way.

You can not have a list of ladies in video games or female characters with out mentioning Lara Croft. A mirror held up to male protagonists, she kicks arse and adventures and tends to make no apologies for it. At her ideal when firing two guns or locking her stalwart butler in a freezer, she’s our selection for ideal female character ever.

Who is your favourite female character in video games? Let us know in the comments beneath, or head on more than to our neighborhood forum to have your say and join the conversation.


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