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Bitmap Soft is searching to be the subsequent ‘big player’ in the computer software publishing space for vintage property computer systems with the launch of two cassette format debut titles – All Hallows (ZX Specrum) and Chronicles of Nanako (Amstrad CPC).

Established earlier this year by Darren Doyle and Jamie Battison, Bitmap Soft will be specialising as a computer software home publishing new games titles and current titles that have not received a physical release in the previous.

The Chronicle of Nanako capabilities two separate Mojon Twins titles – Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle and Nanako Descends to Hell – and was previewed by VITNO back in March, though All Hallows is a wonderful platformer that draw inspiration from Cauldron II.

Nankao promoting – why is a witch wearing a bikini? Properly it gets hot in hell

Wanting to discover out a bit additional from the new inspiring computer software home, VITNO was capable to safe some time with the two co-founders for an exclusive interview.

VITNO: Hi guys, thanks for taking the time out to answer a couple of concerns. Let’s commence of by locating out what compelled you each to join forces and commence up a computer software publishing home venture?

Darren: I feel the motives behind beginning up our personal computer software home was that Jamie and myself exactly where extremely interested property-brew titles. Even though I admired them tremendously, Jamie was the driving force behind the project and wanted to be radical in his method to seriously have some awesome computer software get released and make a special label for ‘New-Old’ computer software titles.

Jamie: I have been involved in the retro scene for a extended time, I am not as effectively know as lots of would count on thinking of I have ran Retro Video Gamer for more than 20 years, I guess I missed the boat in terms of what that web site could have accomplished but it was that extremely web site that introduced me to Darren, we formed a wonderful friendship and worked on lots of retro associated projects with each other.

A single of these projects was an Atari 2600 game known as RVG Blast, created for us by a forum member with the aim of building a restricted run of physical games. Sadly this in no way got off the ground for a single explanation or one more‘.

As the years went by, we began to do interviews with developers of homebrew games and what struck us at an early stage was the shear quantity of games getting released for all manor of systems. We got a really feel for the thirst men and women had for ‘New-, Old’ games.

RVG Blast for Atari 2600

VITNO: The Bitmap Soft logo appears wonderful and however somewhat familiar?

Jamie: Each of us are enormous Bitmap Brothers fans and so our homage to them was calling the label Bitmap Soft.

Darren: I was approached about coming up with a logo for Bitmap Soft and as lots of can in all probability see that it pays homage to the Bitmap Brothers logo of excellence, once again this was one thing of a notion of Jamie’s, I basically created it occur.

VITNO: Properly the logo absolutely appears really experienced and so does your promoting posters. I would feel that this creates a extremely fantastic impression on any viewpoint developers wanting to companion up with Bitmap Soft?

Darren: We want Bitmap Soft to be recognised by developers as a distributor committed in delivering the highest good quality of presentation and care for their IPs, though getting, in all probability, a single of the very first computer software homes performing this exactly where the developer gets a extremely fantastic commission on any release, they do with Bitmap Soft.

Jamie: Darren wanted to make certain what we released a appear worthy of a premium item. Each of us once again getting enormous fans of Kenz and Pystronik Software program, we knew we had to create a good quality item from the starting and so far we feel we are performing that.

VITNO: The very first titles accessible below Bitmap Soft are free of charge digital downloads of the Atari 2600 titles, RVG Blast 1 and two, that Jamie described earlier. But how did you choose the titles for your very first batch of physical release?

Jamie: We initial began off with the intent to bring some of the awesome Amstrad CPC464 homebrew games that in no way hit the English speaking industry. We reached out to different Spanish publishers and sooner or later Mojon Twins agreed to be our very first official release in physical type with the Chronicle of Nanako. Not extended immediately after this, we have been capable to come to an agreement with John Blythe at Rucksack Games, and so All Hallows for the ZX Spectrum was added as portion of our initial launch of physical release titles.

All Hallows, wonderful platform action

VITNO: Rather exciting, and what has been the response to your initial physical release launch, have you been capable to impress these in the scene you have been targeting?

Darren: The response to our very first two releases has been absolutely nothing of phenomenal. When we start to make awareness inside a day we had practically had the stock sold which was such a higher for Jamie and myself, and created it clear that we had accomplished one thing fantastic, plus I feel our special style to customise artwork with cassette colour designs is extremely exclusive to us which we feel had seriously created men and women fall in really like with the releases, so yes, I feel we’ve impressed these that necessary to be

VITNO: And this is in spite of the truth that each titles have been accessible for a tiny though as free of charge downloads?

Jamie: Yes, a single factor that has been received effectively is the truth we are not hiding the truth the games are freely accessible to download. What I would like to highlight even though is that our versions are enhanced for tape. There are some adjustments for copyright troubles, minor updates inside the game and so on and we are searching at supplying these updated versions as digital downloads to these that obtain the game.

VITNO: I see that Bitmap Soft is not resting on its laurels as you have announced that you will be publishing a couple of more Rucksack Games?

Darren: Yes, ‘The Remarkable Shrinking Professor’ and ‘Rubicon’, each for the ZX Spectrum, will be coming true quickly as effectively as a globe-very first exclusive and modified release of a technically ground breaking title for its content material alone known as “Cousin Horace” once again for the ZX Spectrum. Right after this, we will be focusing our time on other platforms with a possible 12 titles in the pipeline spanning across a couple of laptop or computer formats.

Jamie: As Darren described, we will releasing John Blythe’s ‘The Remarkable Shrinking Professor’ and Rubicon subsequent. I ought to strain that each of these are accessible for free of charge from the Rucksack Games web page, the versions we will be releasing will be enhanced versions, some will be minor adjustments for much better use in tape format and so on.

‘We also have permission to release Gluf from Retro Souls, and I can confirm Cousin Horace from Alessandro Grussu is due for release. There are a couple of additional on the horizon but I would have to be tight lipped about these at the moment till we are 100% in a release but I can inform you of an amazing Speccy Text adventure will be announced shortly.

VITNO: Thank you when once again guys, we want you all the most effective with your publishing endeavors. What we’ve observed so far appears wonderful and we cannot wait for what you push out more than the upcoming years.

Following our interview, Bitmap Soft announced that the initial run of cassettes for All Hallows have been sold out with only a couple of copies of The Chronicle of Nanako remaining. Head on across to Bitmap Soft to discover out additional about what the group have planned in the future.


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