Yedoma Globula – Prototype Download


Yedoma Globula is a fascinating very first individual sandbox game exactly where you discover thoughts-meltingly huge procedural fractals in very first individual.

In Yedoma Globula you are offered a handful of helpful tools and a flying boat, then you set forth into the uncharted territory of a gigantic fractal-primarily based landscape. The sheer size of the globe is staggering and it is complete of stunning sights – the majority of which only you will ever see.

There are no objectives in the present create. You can try to attain specific radio markers if you like, but it is a lot additional exciting just to choose a heading and see exactly where it requires you. You have a flashlight, a flare-gun, a climbing axe, a radio path finder, a jetpack, a hole blaster and an assortment of other helpful tools to enable you discover the globe. If you do not fancy going on foot then you can also jump in your flying boat and soar by way of the air.

Even in its present early kind it is a fascinating knowledge exploring the huge fractal-primarily based globe of Yedoma Globula. It feels like you are the very first individual to discover some strange alien landscape, the enormity of it is jaw-dropping and some of the vistas are genuinely breathtaking. A outstanding journey by way of a great fractal globe. Hugely suggested.

Verify Out a Gameplay Video Right here

Download The Yedoma Globula Prototype Right here (Windows)


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