‘We Met in May’ Finds Laughter in Finding to Know An individual


By way of quick dating vignette minigames, you will see how a loving couple came collectively, as effectively as delight in the humor that comes from increasing closer to an individual.

Persons are type of ridiculous creatures. Specially when they’re shy about an individual. This generally signifies that embarrassing or silly stuff just naturally occurs, and you will get to see a lot of that as you adhere to Nina and Jake’s partnership in We Met in May well. You will go on dates with them, carrying out a wide variety of minigame actions on every single date as you adhere to them by way of the moments that make them want to be collectively.

You will play as Nina on these dates, showering Jake with chips, wine, and sand on 1 date, and enjoying a meal he cooked for you on yet another. You could also have to move to hide your unmentionables in your dirty apartment, or provide a fast, playful pinch to maintain the game and story moving. Several silly, however touching moments will take place in the course of every single of the dating minigames, drawing you into their increasing connection as you operate your way by way of the game. They’re quick experiences, but every single appears to capture a beat inside the couple’s dating life.

Drawn from the developer’s personal knowledge, the games give a charming story arc to the couple’s partnership. They also show the ordinary strategies in which an extraordinary, loving bond can be constructed by way of the simplest of acts.

And that a fantastic companion will not get also upset if you leave your underwear lying about. As extended as it is clean.

We Met in May well is readily available now on itch.io and Steam.


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