Video: Developing game mechanics to elevate narrative in Oxenfree


When indie dev studio Evening College set out to build their debut game Oxenfree, they had a single objective in thoughts: merge storytelling and mechanics as closely as feasible.

At least, that is how cofounder Sean Krankel told it throughout his GDC 2017 speak on the subject, which delved deep into the design and style choices the group produced in the course of producing a supernatural teen thriller about exploration and communication.

According to Krankel, it is worth taking time to appear at just about every aspect of your game through the lens of two essential concerns: “Why is the player playing this?” and “What is the player undertaking whilst we have them?”

For Oxenfree, the “why” turned out to be the player defining the game protagonist’s story, and the “what” was a set of mechanics constructed to make interacting with the story really feel novel and, additional importantly, private to the player.

It was a very good speak, and if you missed out on it the 1st time you can now go back and watch it (absolutely cost-free!) on the official GDC YouTube channel.

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