Trash Can Be Treasure in City-Builder ‘Flotsam’


Placing an fascinating spin on the pollution of plastics in the ocean, Flotsam requires these sources and puts them to great use – developing.

Take on this gigantic ocean globe and all of the dangers that lurk inside. Perhaps even befriend a seagull or two.

You will be place in charge of some inventive drifters, diving into wrecks and piles or trash to discover salvageable pieces to develop the city of your dreams. Stoves to cook meat, desalination stations, solar stills, beds – you need to have to survive in this brutal sea globe just after all. If you are truly savvy, you will be in a position to rescue fellow drifters and have them reside in your town. Further laborers are your bread and butter in a city builder, just after all. You will also be in a position to upgrade your city to accommodate these further mouths by adding meals trucks (Yum!).

Now, you do not want to get also comfy in 1 location as your sources could dry up speedily. You will want to discover all this globe has to give, also. Fortunately, with your city becoming constructed on water, you will be in a position to cruise the ocean currents to find out new areas and new treasures. You need to have to be properly-equipped to take on these challenges, although, mainly because some truly nasty critters reside beneath the ocean and they might want to make you into their subsequent snack. Do not let 1 terrible egg spoil you, as there are tons of sea creatures you can befriend if you give them a tiny TLC. They’re suffering with all that trash, also.

Clean up the ocean, create a bustling sea-town, and love a stunning cel-shaded style along with it. If you are hunting for your subsequent city builder and really feel like assisting out this virtual trash-ridden globe, Flotsam may possibly just float your boat.

Flotsam is out there now on and Steam. 


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