Overview: Dragon Quest (Nintendo Switch)


Let me start out by saying that my familiarity with the Dragon Quest series is very restricted. Yes, I did overview Dragon Quest VIII for the 3DS, but I mostly know the original game. Properly, to the extent that reading about Dragon Warrior (the North American naming) in the pages of Nintendo Energy is “knowing”. NP would later give away unsold copies of the game with subscriptions, but that enjoyable reality does not truly relate to this release. Anyway, whilst series enthusiasts may possibly not appreciate this overview really a great deal, probably I can bring a unique point of view on how the initial Dragon Quest has held up in this Nintendo Switch release. Really frankly, I do not assume it has.

It wasn’t till the SNES and games like Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (also published or created by Square Enix) that I began to get into the genre. The NES, for as a great deal as nevertheless get pleasure from that method, was not the ideal outlet for RPGs. In numerous, if not most, respects, Dragon Quest appears really a great deal like a 30-year-old game. It just feels so dated, suitable from the get-go, becoming a solo adventurer (‘the Hero’) without having a celebration of allies in tow. This also offers the game the variety of difficulty that flew in the ‘80s but does not really feel satisfying in 2019.

However, the visuals do not aid shake that feeling really a great deal. In fact, that is not completely correct. Dragon Quest does not appear so a great deal dated as it merely appears poor! The mobile look has an odd, quite darn low-priced appear. So a great deal for tapping the nostalgia of NES graphics. Stuttering is also very persistent. My favourite aspect is surely the music, but without having decent visuals to accompany it, the influence is lessened for certain.

The story in Dragon Quest is so clichéd that I’m not even going to speak about it a great deal. To do so I’d really feel inclined to create in archaic English, a great deal like the game utilizes. Also, spoilers and whatnot. Yes, the game is more than 30 years old, but it is also a continuous tale, and aspect of the original “Erdrick trilogy” that just released on the Switch. If there’s a saving grace right here, it is that the story, compared to later DQ games, is reasonably restricted. 

That word, restricted, I really feel applies to this release as a complete. Even with some necessary menu updates, this game’s limitation reflects its age. It is a repetitive, s-l-o-w grind. Maybe, recognizing this, Dragon Quest has been priced at just $four.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you played the game in the ‘80s, or are from Japan, exactly where the series was far a lot more common, this price tag will most likely look great, even though the game is even more affordable ($two.99) on mobile.

I give Dragon Quest a point as a piece of video game history, a point for the music, an additional for its DNA in Fortune Street, and one particular a lot more for the reason that I’m feeling charitable. But beyond that, I just assume this is a subpar port of a dated game, specially with no nostalgic worth attached to it. It is surely not for me. With the graphical troubles, I’m not even certain it is for fans either. 

Later entries have proved a lot more captivating. If you are a genre enthusiast, study some other Nintendo Switch RPGs 1st. Or verify out Dragon Quest Builders, which has many references from this JRPG pioneer.


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