Indie Retro News: REMOTE LIFE


Other than adventure games and platformers, ive also had a terrific fondness for shoot em ups, from retro games such as R-Sort and Project-X to modern day inspirations such as the fabulous Super Hydorah. There is not a Shoot em up that I’d turn away from just to choose up a energy up and blast a handful of waves of enemies! So to see a higher excellent shoot em up listed on Steam as REMOTE LIFE which has now been released, I just had to spread the word!

REMOTE LIFE is not just your common 2D side scrolling shoot em up either, but according to the creators Subsequent Game Level, the game does not just function large 3D pre-rendered sprites that are gorgeously animated set with wonderful backgrounds befitting to an Alien Planet, but if that wasn’t sufficient. The Bosses appear so infinity creepy and scary that the cg-artist had to style them with closed eyes. So yes if all of this sounds so amazing, and with the inclusive deadly weaponry at your dissposal, it may well be worth your time checking it out appropriate now!

Hyperlinks :1) Steam  + Demo


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