Frostpunk: Console Edition is out this week on PS4


11 Bit Studios information how it adapted its post-apocalyptic vision for console play

Hi, my name is Kuba and I’m a Lead Game Designer of Frostpunk, a critically acclaimed and BAFTA-nominated technique game that is coming to PlayStation four tomorrow, 11th October.

In Frostpunk your part is to rule persons of the final city on Earth and lead them on a path to survival by means of a under no circumstances-ending winter. We mixed up a victorian setting with steam-powered machinery and gameplay is all about managing sources, developing and expanding the city, and creating believed-provoking choices that are shaping pushed to the brink of extinction neighborhood in order to make persons survive.

Frostpunk on PS4

Creating positive that the complicated game from a genre that is not very well-liked on a console feels fitted and controlled with ease employing the joypad, was the driving force behind re-designing Frostpunk.

From day one particular, we wanted to bring our frozen post-apocalyptic vision also to the PlayStation audience. We had been completely conscious that the technique and city-developing games are most well-liked on Computer and what console audience habits appear like. Land on the couch in front of a major Television and just have enjoyable with the game, appropriate?

That is why we really like the console atmosphere as gamers. But this atmosphere was uncharted to Frostpunk. We had to do our finest to make the game really feel created for the consoles as a lead platform practical experience.

The mere port was not an alternative for us. UI guys essentially got back to the drawing board. They re-created all the menu screens and icons, place in some new HUD components and re-scaled these that had been left.

We decided to go for the radial design and style. Wheels of option with additional sub-menus are a pleasure to navigate employing analog sticks. Also, the circular menu and icons had been constant with the core Frostpunk radial design and style that involved the generator at the center of a crater and players developing a city about it.

Frostpunk on PS4

The subsequent step was the accessibility. Method games are frequently deemed as overwhelming due to the multiplicity of gameplay mechanics that players want to handle.

But the complexity of the gameplay is not a difficulty. The actual matter is the way you offer these choices to the players. Rather of simplifying the game, you need to attempt to boost intuitiveness, iterated, add a ton of investigation and concentrate tests and polish it till you are happy with it.

That is what we did. For instance, we have more than 50 varieties of buildings in Frostpunk. So we sorted them into groups. Like persons-associated buildings with tents, youngster shelter or fight arena, or these utilized for wellness purposes like healthcare post and infirmary. Other groups are tied with the sources. We place all issues utilized for coal gathering collectively, the similar goes with other supplies like wood or steel.

Frostpunk on PS4

All these tabs containing the aforementioned radial sub-menus with offered buildings are straightforward to navigate thanks to shoulder buttons. And one particular of my preferred accessibility tweaks we got is a swift menu. When you hold R2 for the duration of highlighting a developing, you can in a second add all necessary workers to your newly constructed cookhouse or coal mine.

And you want to do that because the city should survive and without having coal-operating generator heat, it will be frozen to death by cruel winter. The energy to inspire a society attempting to final in harsh circumstances and raise a steam-powered city of hope is at the tip of your thumbs.

We definitely really feel that we succeeded in the quest of creating the technique game smooth and enjoyable practical experience on PlayStation four and we can not wait for 11th October when console players will be capable to play Frostpunk.


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