Announcing Tales of Old: Grand Retelling!


Greetings Storytellers,

Nipsy appreciates all of the wild tales you have told all through this season. In truth, the stories have been so fantastic that Nipsy will be returning to Protector’s Enclave for 1 final go-about later this year. That is proper, Tales of Old’s inaugural season will finish with an occasion recognized as the Grand Retelling! In the course of this occasion you will be in a position to inform stories from any of the earlier dungeons providing you a possibility to obtain riches you may possibly have missed or stories you left untold.

Hmmm, which story to inform?


Did you neglect the time you slipped when fighting Chartillifax throwing your sword and, accidently-on-goal, piercing his hide and vanquishing him? What about that other time you place tacks on Idris’ throne startling her and enabling your celebration to get the drop on her?  No matter the story, you will get a possibility to recount your adventures when once again.

The gang’s all right here.

A a lot more detailed appear into this occasion will be out there later but right here is a brief breakdown of what is to come:

  • Balance and difficulty improvements
  • Access to all the dungeons from this Season’s Tales of Old
  • Occasion duration of two weeks
  • All products out there for buy
  • New one of a kind titles and achievements

Till subsequent time, thank you for your participation and right here is to a lot more grand adventures!


Salim “Silius” Grant
Lead Content material Designer


NOTE: For specifics on the Dread Vault run on Xbox and PS4, please go right here.


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