You Drop. Superior Day, Sir. – Game Jam Make


You Drop. Superior Day, Sir. is a incredibly inventive small Scrabble-esque word puzzle game with some wonderfully weird twists and a incredibly angry armadillo.

Made for Ludum Dare 45, in You Drop. Superior Day, Sir. you use your Scrabble-solving thoughts to chat to an angry armadillo and alter the game planet. In every aspect of the conversation you are offered a set quantity to letters and you will have to try to build the appropriate planet to trigger the subsequent aspect of the conversation. Even if you guess the incorrect word you will be awarded points although and it is lofen trigger a small hint about the word you are browsing for.

Taking about 10 minutes to play by way of, it is a easy seeking, but clever small game, with a terrific sense of humor and some wonderfully weird twists all through. See if you can calm the angry armadillo in this excellent small puzzler. Very advisable.

Verify Out a Gameplay Video Right here

Play You Drop. A great day, Sir. Right here (Browser)