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There is a ton of card games out there!

Hearthstone roared onto the scene in 2014, and with the backing of Blizzard’s billions, tore up the esports scene and never ever looked back. It really is a giant in the collectible card game (CCG) space, and there is a ton of highs and lows to go with that history.

This previous week has been a close to-unprecedented low, top a lot of players to jettison their game of option and appear for options. Fortunately, Hearthstone isn’t the only card game on the marketplace. Here’s a handful of much more.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: Arena is a single of the finest card games out there correct now, and pioneered a lot of the systems that Hearthstone used to develop its foundation.

Identified as a single of the most prevalent card games on the planet, Magic helped produce the “typical” method that fairly a lot every single active competitive card game utilizes, maintaining the meta fresh when requiring the newest cards. I have my problems with some of Arena‘s monetization schemes, as detailed in our complete complete overview, but I nonetheless play it practically every single day. It really is that great, and if you have ever wanted to find out how to play Magic, this is a wonderful absolutely free tutorial.

Arena is presently out there as a standalone client and can be launched straight from the Epic Games Shop.


Recall, Gwent is not just a minigame in Witcher three!

The people more than at CD Projekt Red went above and beyond for the standalone adaptation of the preferred lore-leaning card game, and it genuinely shows in this insanely polished and effectively-balanced project. Though it appears pretty intimidating, Gwent has a low barrier of entry alongside of a higher ability ceiling, which is why it is so preferred right now.

Gwent is out there on GOG, the publisher’s personal launcher. There is also the Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales project, which is a standalone card-primarily based RPG that is out there on Steam and GOG, as effectively as PS4 and Xbox A single.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Bethesda, for greater or worse, is taking the Ubisoft method for a lot of their games.

Whereas some of their launches may possibly be rocky, they finish up obtaining a lengthy tail, and Legends is a candidate for the BUG (bring up your grades) award. The publisher has due to the fact swapped improvement homes, overhauled the complete UI, and steadily added a ton of new content material to the game. It also entirely dunks on Hearthstone from a PVE aspect, supplying solo players with story content material that Hearthstone has shied away from in current years.

You can uncover The Elder Scrolls: Legends on Computer on the Bethesda launcher, as effectively as mobile devices (Android, iOS). Console versions are coming in the future, but Bethesda desires complete cross-play/cross-progression ahead of that takes place.


Ascension shares a lot of the similar DNA as Hearthstone: it was a single of the initially iOS card games to marketplace, and made use of that achievement to peddle tons of expansions and updates in the years due to the fact.

Born out of a physical deck-creating game from 2010, Ascension has been refined for years on finish by way of endless amounts of balance toiling and the leadership of various Magic Pro Tour players. As a deck-builder it does have a distinct really feel from most of the games on this list, but serves as a fantastic intro to the genre.

You can uncover it on Steam, Android and iOS.


Coming out of nowhere, Eternal basically forced its way onto the scene and hasn’t left.

Out of almost everything it is likely the closest analog to Hearthstone, which tends to make it a fantastic game to move to if you happen to be going on a Blizzard hiatus. Cards slam onto the table, frequently with Hearthstone (Magic)-like skills, and your objective is to defeat an enemy commander/hero, who explodes when beaten.

Eternal is out there on Steam, Android, iOS, the Microsoft Shop, and straight by way of developer Direwolf. You can uncover all of the appropriate hyperlinks right here.


Teppen is wild. Just appear at that image! It really is like a grimdark Mega Man X spinoff!

But Teppen taps into way much more than just the Blue Bomber’s far-future self, hosting Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, and much more classic IPs. It also aims for a distinctly distinct really feel than most CCGs, focusing on true-time action as opposed to turn-primarily based play. Though there are some aggressive levels of monetization involved, you can play by way of the story of each and every character for absolutely free, and play with some genuinely competitive decks with out spending any funds relying on rapid reaction occasions and tapping as an alternative of rarer cards.

You can uncover Teppen on Android and iOS.

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game

Going for some thing entirely distinct, Fantasy Flight Interactive’s Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game is entirely PVE, with concessions for multiplayer co-op. You will do battle against an enemy AI who’s controlling a “Sauron Deck,” with a totally featured (voiced) campaign.

For a tiny outfit FFI has been updating the game steadily due to the fact beta, offering tons of new story content material, insanely tough challenge missions, and much more hero archetypes that entirely alter the deck-creating practical experience. Provided the PVE really feel, it is a single I normally uncover myself going back to when I’ve completed my ladder runs and quests from some of the above games.

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game is presently out there on Steam, and is set for a console launch at some point in the future (it was supposed to have arrived currently, but has due to the fact been delayed).

Honorable mentions that nonetheless exist but have winded down:

Duelyst, Fable Fortune.

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