Oxenfree Sells More than 1 Million Copies


It is also noticed more than 3 million installs courtesy of Xbox Game Pass and other giveaways.

Evening College Studio is prepping for the launch of its subsequent game Afterparty later this month. Nonetheless, its very first game Oxenfree has hit a new milestone. Studio founder and co-inventive director Sean Merkel confirmed on Twitter that it had sold more than one particular million copies.

Additionally, the game’s inclusion in Xbox Game Pass has helped its set up base. Counting Game Pass and giveaways collectively, the title has noticed more than 3 million installs till date. Not poor, in particular given that Oxenfree is an indie game and Evening School’s debut venture.

As for Afterparty, it is out on October 29th for Xbox 1, PS4, Computer and Nintendo Switch. It focuses on Milo and Lola who finish up in Hell following dying ahead of their graduation. In order to escape, they should challenge the Devil to a drinking contest. With several characters to interact with and options to make, it should really be as involving as Oxenfree. Keep tuned for extra particulars in the coming weeks.