Minecraft’s Been Beaten With out Mining Any Blocks


Minecraft could be ten years old but it is nonetheless a single of the greatest, finest and most inventive games on the market place ideal now – in particular if you are a fan of experimenting with your games. Players have been busy testing the limits of what Mojang permits inside the game, such as discovering the weirdest and wackiest approaches to beat it.

Now certain, you cannot actually “beat” Minecraft, but can you go and give that Ender Dragon a excellent whoopin’, and that is precisely what Minecraft player and Redditor SpikyHedGey, did. What tends to make this super specific is the reality that they did it devoid of mining a single block.

Video you are going to enjoy from about the net

Sharing the achievement on Reddit (and scoring more than 12k of upvotes at the time of writing), SpikyHedGey has even designed a video so you can adhere to in the similar footsteps if you want to.

Credit: Mojang

There’s a lot far more work that goes into this then you may possibly believe, but it is certainly an amazing factor to do if you are hunting for a new Minecraft challenge. Verify it out beneath!

Speaking of footsteps, a different YouTuber and Minecraft fan by the name of TheHeightAdvantage also managed to beat the game in a weird and superb way – this time devoid of walking a single step.

The pro Minecraft player applied the unbound walking keys in his self-designed globe and got straight down to small business collecting sources and crafting when standing in the similar spot. He then crafted a boat, which can be climbed into from the adjacent block. By undertaking this more than and more than once again and replacing the boat every single time, the player was in a position to move – quite gradually – across the map.

Sooner or later a pig is saddled and that tends to make issues a tiny less complicated for TheHeightAdvantage, but even with ‘LittleTimmy’ assisting in the quest, it is nonetheless a extended but impressive slog.

Actually something is attainable in Minecraft and the inventive prowess of its millions upon millions of players is thoughts-boggling. Maintain the excellent – and crazy – videos coming, Minecrafters!

Featured Image Credit: Mojang


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