Kingdom Beneath Fire II Second Cinematic Trailer


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Publisher Gameforge and developer Blueside have released the second cinematic trailer massively multiplayer on the web RPG and true-time tactic game hybrid Kingdom Beneath Fire II.

Verify Out the Kingdom Beneath Fire II Second Cinematic Trailer:

Right here is a short overview of the game, by means of Gameforge:

“Originally announced in 2008, Kingdom Beneath Fire II combines the MMORPG and True-Time Approach (RTS) genres into a hybrid title unrivaled in its epic scale. From Developer Blueside, Kingdom Beneath Fire II is set in a planet exactly where 3 effective factions—the Human Alliance, Dark Legion, and Encablossians—compete for manage more than the land of Bersia. Players can pick from many hero classes and concentrate on creating up their person characters or command huge armies as war strategists. Kingdom Beneath Fire II requires spot 50 years soon after the events of Kingdom Beneath Fire: The Crusaders and functions an immersive story campaign that can be knowledgeable in multiplayer on the web or in solo play.”

Kingdom Beneath Fire II will launch for Computer in North America and Europe by means of several digital platforms in November. Pre-orders are at the moment offered by means of the game’s official web page.

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