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Greetings every person! It is your old pal Sam Marshall, Composer of the music of Concrete Genie. With Concrete Genie lately releasing on PlayStation four, I’d like to share a handful of entertaining details about the music in this amazing game.

The Musical Themes

In the early days of the project, I went by way of a notion music phase substantially like the artists and designers on the Pixelopus group. Following a lot of experimentation and some good discussions with the inventive leads at Pixelopus, I decided to determine three narrative and emotional themes that I wanted to represent with the music. Childhood, Maturity and MAGIC! I then assigned each and every theme a certain musical instrument and applied this palette to build the whole soundtrack.

Childhood – The Joy of Creativity


I believed to myself, what’s the most youthful instrument I can assume of? The flute! It just screams childhood. It is playful and entertaining but also pretty delicate and emotional. When you listen to the soundtrack see if you can notice how the flute’s part shifts all through. At instances, the flute is vibrant and joyful although other components it cries out from the abyss to emote the feeling of Ash becoming forced to make some pretty crucial choices.

Maturity – Struggle – Performing the Appropriate Factor


The cello is an exceptionally mature instrument. It has a wide emotional variety. It can be hopeful, sad, scary and heroic all in a single melody. The cello is the grounding emotional force of Concrete Genie and connects all of the deep emotional moments all through the game. You could possibly hear the exact same cello melody and have it ignite pretty unique feelings in the soundtrack.

MAGIC! – The Living Paint / Nostalgia

Analog Synths

Our game is influenced by classic, coming-of-age 80s motion pictures. Making use of analog synths was a good way to nod to these classic influences devoid of finding toooo 80s. The warm analog synths turned out to be a good contrast to the pretty worldly sounds (and emotional themes) of the flute and cello. Just like the magic in our story, it is the glue that binds the complete expertise collectively.

Brush Chimes

One particular final issue I want to mention is one thing we get in touch with The Brush Chimes. In the exact same way that we want every person to really feel like an artist, we also wanted to give the player the energy to play music! All of our brush styles have special musical instruments that play although you paint! The Brush Chimes will play nicely with the game’s principal music as properly — they’ll normally play in the correct essential and in time with the score. They variety from soft and fairly to weird and whacky! Be positive to attempt them all.

Had been you in a position to notice the partnership amongst the instruments? We’d appreciate to hear your thoughts beneath in the comments!

I hope you have a blast with Concrete Genie! You will absolutely want to verify out the Digital Deluxe version of Concrete Genie as it consists of a digital soundtrack application and the wonderful digital art book.


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