Indie Retro News: Sabotage – A neat small action game as a Ludum Dare 45 entry


Would you like to play a game exactly where you commence with practically nothing, but nonetheless capable to do maximum harm to your enemies? Then take a appear at ‘ Sabotage ‘! A brand entry in the Ludum Dare 45 competitors from deepnight, in which the aim of the game as a nakid Colonel Jean-François Hubert from the French army, is to improvise by any suggests achievable to kill your enemies.

Yes certainly this could possibly be a quick game produced in 72hours applying Haxe language with added music by David Whittaker, from the game Leatherneck (Atari ST version) for the Ludum Dare compo. But trust me you will be obtaining a lot of entertaining in this charming small game! Choose up your enemies, throw them against spikes or exploding barrels, or uncover a knife on the floor and go game stabby stab!

Hyperlinks :1) Source  (Computer/MAC/LINUX)


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