Gameplay of my action-adventure game “Spirit Trail” I’ve been operating on for a though now. Would like to hear your thoughts! (x-post from r/Unity2D) : IndieGaming


Hi everybody!

1st off, apologies for the frame drops in the video. My macbook struggles to keep a steady frame price though recording footage and I am not certain what is the finest way to deal with the problem (any recommendations are welcome :D).

Anyhow, it really is been really a though because I final posted an update to my solo-dev project Spirit Trail. The game is an action-adventure I’ve been operating on for a though now. Due to the fact my final post I’ve been busy operating on and tweaking a lot of beneath-the-hood stuff like optimizing and refactoring the height and platforming technique amongst other points. The addition of jumping added really a quicker pace to the game as nicely as good prospective for vertical exploration. With this in thoughts, I’ve began to build this location. I’ve a lot to study about level style, but it really is most likely my preferred aspect about game dev. My aim will be to build environments that enable for a lot of freedom of movement and exploration, though nonetheless guiding the player forward.

I’d like to hear your thoughts and feedback!

If you are interested in following the improvement of Spirit Trail you can do that on


as nicely as on

Twitter: @spirit_trail


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