Day and Evening is a block puzzler with a clever twist


Day and Evening is a block puzzler with a clever twist

Releasing later this month!

In case there are not sufficient falling block puzzlers currently, indie studio Ridiculous Games is self-publishing Day and Evening on the Nintendo Switch eShop later this month.

On the surface, Day and Evening plays like the classic tile matching puzzlers you keep in mind from your childhood such as Tetris, Puyo Puyo and Lumines. In a split-screen format, players stack and combine matching blocks in groups to get rid of them. The twist? Every side of the screen is presented as either day or evening, with each and every player only getting capable to get rid of chunks that correspond to that time state. Thus, you ought to concentrate on linking the appropriate varieties whilst managing an ever-expanding pile of inactive blocks.

When you earn sufficient points, you are capable to switch the time of day and utilise the inactive blocks. If you have planned very carefully, you can clear massive stacks immediately employing this strategy.

“We know we are standing on the shoulders of a classic genre,” says Jeremy Airey from Ridiculous Games, “and we have created confident to keep correct to its core mechanics of barely-controlled chaos and split-second selection generating, all the whilst expanding upon it in an fascinating new way.”

Day and Evening awakens on the Nintendo Switch on 22nd October and will be priced at $19.99.