Wargroove reveals new Thief and Rifleman units


Following final week’s news about the new Wulfar Commander, Chucklefish is introducing a lot more of the components that will be incorporated in Wargroove’s DLC. Today’s reveal is for the Thief and Rifleman units.

Outlaw! What law?

The Thief is sneakiest unit in the game. What they lack in strength, they a lot more than make up with cunning and sleight of hand. Thieves can fill their knapsacks with 300 gold by ransacking enemy buildings, and 1000 gold if they handle to pull off a heist on the enemy Stronghold.

Thieves can not do this alone although! Because they’re unable to attack, they’ll want reinforcements, subterfuge and protection as they journey across the map. Let it be stated that chance tends to make a thief!

The Lengthy Ranger

A Rifleman spends their complete life coaching to turn out to be an professional marksman – watch out, you do not want to be in this unit’s line of sight, lest you be blown across the map! But with restricted ammo, comes excellent duty, as you will want to hold track of how lots of shots your Rifleman has left to steer clear of stopping to reload out in the open.

Of course, not just a quite face, a Rifleman can be deadly when they’re desperate, landing important hits when they’re down to their final shot.

If you are going up against this gun-wielding unit, make confident to take cover involving the trees, exactly where their bullets will not attain you.


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