Somebody has beaten Minecraft without the need of carrying out any mining


By James O’Connor,
Monday, 7 October 2019 01:44 GMT

Just when you consider you have observed all the things in Minecraft, there’s this.

Hedgey, who has selected this project as his incredibly very first YouTube upload, has completed Minecraft – defeating the Ender Dragon at the game’s conclusion – without the need of mining a single block. The video, embedded beneath, is a sort-of highlight reel of what should have been a incredibly extended course of action.

There’s some luck involved right here – given that so considerably of it relies on random spawns, and there’s the possibility of hitting an impenetrable material at the game’s finish – but somehow, extremely, Hedgey pulls it off.

They collect bread, paper, grass, water – just about all the things you can collect without the need of mining, relying on the random spawns of villages. They sleep in pre-current houses. It appears time-consuming, and they have to beat up creepers employing loaves of bread. Because they cannot dig, having underground requires employing explosives, like exploding enemies. They handle to kit themselves out fairly properly regardless of this handicap.

The Reddit thread about this achievement is at the moment sitting on 12.1k upvotes. The video is worth a appear – even if you are not into Minecraft, it is an impressive achievement.

In other Minecraft news, the upcoming Nether update incorporated a new race (the Piglins), and the game is having a character creator.

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