Security of 1.5TB drives in PS3 : PS3


I am presently applying a 500GB drive in my PS3 but was considering of sticking a 1TB drive in so went seeking about for supported capacities. I’ve noticed a handful of posts exactly where individuals have upgraded their internal drives to 1.5TB, it appears largely with the ST1500LM006 drive.

So I went looking and identified this –

Amazon feedback

I assume he’s speaking about the alternatives in “Secure Mode”, which I did not even know existed –

PS3 Secure Mode

Have any of you upgrade-ees had any complications with your drives or had to resort to the recovery alternatives? The Amazon assessment appears to say you’d only see it if you energy off though it is writing which I guess you could get in a energy outage.

It would be negative to devote lots of time installing and applying this drive only to get bit by some recovery oddity and shed my information.


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