Path of Exile presents some stats on which enchantments are the most preferred in the Blight League


I like pie, which is why I in all probability can grasp pie charts the easiest out of all of the graphs, and there’s lots of pie information getting served up by Path of Exile, which collated 4 weeks’ worth of statistics to showcase the Blight League’s most preferred enchantments.

The data is broken up in to two components: Notable Anointments and Ring Enchantments. These are additional sub-divided by oil rarity, factoring in the quantity of occasions an oil is applied multiplied by a aspect primarily based on their rarity. This information set in the end presented a leading 20 and leading 10 respectively.

In terms of Notable Anointments, the most preferred is Ravenous Horde for with or without the need of oil rarity factored in, which is to be probably anticipated in a League that tends to favor Necromancers. Ring enchantments saw the most divergence in between chosen enchantments and anointed ones, with Chilling Tower Harm taking the leading spot in terms of Enchantments but Meteor Tower Further Metor topping the list when oil rarity is factored in. The pie charts supplied by Grinding Gear Games deliver additional particulars on the sorts of oils consumed to anoint things, when the dev weblog itself is chock complete of information slices to nibble on.

I may possibly will need to get a pie.

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