New Modular PS4 Controller Lets You Mix And Match Components


Do you favor your analogue sticks offset or symmetrical? Dual analog or six-button? D-Pad or directional disc? Thrustmaster’s new eSwap controller for the PlayStation four can be conveniently altered to do all of these issues, thanks to the energy of its extremely GIFable modular tech.

Offered for preorder now in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia (gonna have to import, North America), the 170€ eSwap controller utilizes Thrustmaster’s “T-Mod” technologies to enable its modular elements to be swapped any time, even in the middle of a game. The left and correct bumpers, face buttons, share and solution buttons are static, but anything else, which includes the triggers and hand grips, can be replaced. There are even cosmetic touchpad covers that can be added to transform the appear of the big rectangular button on the front of the controller when keeping its functionality, such as it is.

Though the modularity is the eSwap’s most important draw, Thrustmaster’s official announcement also points towards attributes like very tactile button response, pre-calibrated analog mini-sticks with a shorter design and style for “ultimate precision”, and their Thrustmaster software program, which enables players to configure custom profiles for use on each PlayStation four and Computer. Oh, and the announcement also touts the stability of the controllers’ wired connection, which it says is substantially additional trusted than wireless.

But truly, it is all about these modules. Along with the typical set that comes with the eSwap, Thrustmaster is prepping a quantity of specific module packs for the controller’s November five launch. Yellow and silver colour packs add cosmetic selections, when the “Fighting Pack” consists of a module that replaces the correct analog stick with a pair of programmable buttons, for fighting fans who like obtaining six face buttons.

Sadly, there are no plans to license the eSwap in North America, so any of us who want 1 have to import this weird factor when it launches subsequent month. Or we can just reside vicariously by way of the super-slick trailer.


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