Mini Life is a Nonviolent Virtual Planet from the Developers Behind PUBG


Massively multiplayer games like Fortnite and Clash Royale are brilliant, but they all have the similar trouble: if you do not like pretending to kill stuff, you are out of luck. 

That is why Mini Life is such a treat. Created by a collective of studios whose credits contain the mighty PUBG, Mini Life is a welcome tonic for gamers in search of a gentler, friendlier gaming knowledge. 

Your purpose in the game is basically to make a name for oneself by customizing your character and interacting nicely with your fellow players. The possible for self-expression is virtually limitless, with far more than three,000 style products and more than 20 billion achievable customizations.

Yep, you study that proper: 20 billion. 

Plus, you get your incredibly personal mansion and garden to personalize and fill with furnishings and decorations, to impress your virtual neighbors. 

Come collectively

But it is not all about searching cool and pimping out your crib. Mini Life is a cross involving an MMO (Massively Multiplayer On the web game) and an SNG (Social Networking Game), so the emphasis is incredibly a lot on interaction and cooperation. 

You will be capable to interact with players from about the globe in a quantity of unique techniques, like genuine time chat. And your social experiences are upgradeable, so that the far more you chat the richer the game becomes. 

Alongside the sort of casual interaction that a completely open-globe multiplayer game affords, you can also rub shoulders with other players at the Evening Industry, which runs on a completely featured trading technique. 

And as the words “Night Market” recommend, Mini Life has a continual day/evening cycle, plus climate effects. Believe Animal Crossing combined with The Sims, but massively multiplayer, and with some additional goodies such as neat AR function that lets you take pictures with your avatar, blurring the line involving genuine life and Mini Life. 

You can download Mini Life for free of charge proper now on Google Play and the App Shop.


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