Fortnite is counting down to subsequent Sunday’s apocalypse


In our fleshy true planet, the doomsday clock is a nifty small technique for operating out how close the human race is to oblivion. As of this January, it sits at two minutes to midnight, thanks to the “simultaneous existential threats” of climate modify and war. In no way a single to reject a superior concept, Fortnite: Battle Royale has implemented its personal countdown to the finish of the planet. Only, Fortnite’s finish will not be pretty as apocalyptic, heralding in a new season – and a possible new map – this Sunday, October 7th.

T-minus six days, three hours and counting, people.

Fortnite’s 10th season may well have managed to push back the finish by a single week, but each and every season should come to a close. That need to now be abundantly clear to the combatants of murder island, thanks to the look of countdown timers on Television screens littered across the map.

In case you miss these, there’s an added-substantial holographic clock on major of the Dusty Depot rocket, beneath.

Leakers reckon the finish of Season 10 will culminate in a enormous occasion known as (shockingly) The Finish. That rocket is bound to take off, leaving the island in some sort of dimension-shattering carnage. The time-and-space cleanup crew will then hop in and give the map a do-more than, according to a bunch of new place names dug up from the game’s files.

Season 11, then, is anticipated to be some thing of a soft-reset for the isle of slaughter. For two years, Epic have been slapping new bits onto the map, tossing out old ones, then bringing the old ones back once more. I’m certain that is all pretty entertaining and refreshing to adhere to, but ah! My artist’s eye sheds a tear at the visual mess of it all.

The timer is set to hit zero on October 13th at 7pm BST (11am Pacific).


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