Destiny two: Shadowkeep – How to get the Riskrunner Exotic SMG


There’s a new Arc Exotic weapon in town and it is a single of the easiest to get your hands on in Shadowkeep.

To get began, you will want to full the 1st Shadowkeep story mission. If you can stand to leave the spooky Moon alone for 5 minutes, it is worth going to Banshee-44 in the Tower and choosing up the Discomfort and Achieve quest from him.

This weapon is a single of the easiest Exotics to get your hands on in Destiny two, so let’s take a appear at what you want to do.

How to get the Riskrunner Exotic SMG

To full the Discomfort and Achieve quest step, you want to clear a Lost Sector in the EDZ – even a super uncomplicated a single like the Atrium – then take component in a Heroic Public occasion and full a Nightfall Strike. All in, this ought to take you about 20 to 30 minutes.

As soon as you have carried out that, the quest updates to Threat/ Reward. Go to Earth and you will see a new quest marker on the map that requires you to the Cosmodrome. You will want to kill a Fallen Walker tank and 3 Dusk Captains.

You will then be prompted to head inside and jump up a series of platforms till you attain a single of Cayde-6’s hidden weapon caches. You will attain a space with a photo of his beloved chicken, Colonel, and some Arc Conductors.

You will then get the Riskrunner Exotic SMG and can attempt it out against some enemies ahead of the mission ends, rewarding you with the Riskrunner Catalyst.

Riskrunner has the Arc Conductor Intrinsic Perk, exactly where taking Arc harm increases weapon energy and Arc resistance. It also comes with the Superconductor perk, exactly where if Arc Conductor is active, shots fired have the likelihood to develop into chain lightning and return ammo.

This seemed to operate additional usually with groups of advertisements and you will be bristling with Arc power for a handful of seconds just after they’ve all been defeated.

Now that the Garden of Salvation raid is full, it is time to tackle the Eyes on the Moon quest and unlock the Vex Offensive. For additional Shadowkeep guides, verify out our pages on how to get the Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher, how to full the Nightmare Essence Cleansing and how to get Phantasmal Fragments, Cores, and access Nightmare Hunts.

If you are new to Destiny two, you can verify out our Forsaken guide right here as properly as how to obtain Lost Sectors and cache codes.


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